The Lang School offers high potential, gifted, and twice exceptional (2e) learners in grades K through 12 a child-centered, STEM- and STEAM-driven education informed by the ethics and poetics of the humanities. Curious young minds thrive here — perhaps for the first time — learning at their level with affinity and ability peers in small classes of no more than 12 students.

At Lang, specially trained educators differentiate the content and delivery of our flexibly standards-based academics, so every student receives an education that fits. Our menu of integrated and 1:1 empirically validated interventions target academic strengths and challenges, as well as social-emotional learning (SEL), evolving, shifting, and fading as your child develops self-regulated learning and increased independence.

At the heart of everything we do at Lang is our Talent Development program, which surfaces and stokes passions, provides structure and viability for big ideas, instills a sense of purpose and commitment, and, ultimately, develops gifts. Lang is an alternative school that supportively seeds, sows, and grows the inspiration of tomorrow's innovators and thought leaders.