About Us

The Lang School* is a progressive, independent K-12 school for high potential and gifted children with ADHD, dyslexia, 'Asperger's,' anxiety, sensory processing challenges or, simply, underachievement. In other words, twice-exceptional, or 2e, students. We believe our students are tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, a national resource to be treasured, inspired and championed. We embrace each student’s individuality, nurture their passions, and empower them with self-knowledge, self-organization and problem-solving skills through a strengths-based approach to learning.

At The Lang School, we teach the whole child. We remediate areas of relative weakness and accelerate, condense and enrich curriculum, so your child grows their gifts and learns to compensate for deficits at the same time. Our goal is for your child to become an active, engaged, productive learner. But building your child’s social/emotional health, confidence and self-esteem is as important to us as teaching the building blocks of academic success. With the push-in support and coaching of school psychologists and speech-language pathologists, pro-social skills development is woven organically into the fabric of the day. In addition, group counseling interventions address challenges particular to giftedness and atypical learning styles, such as perfectionism, unrealistic goal setting, and stress.

Our students come to know their strengths and weaknesses in the context of an integrated community. Given the wonderfully uneven (or asynchronous) cognitive and emotional development typical of twice-exceptional students, our students have the opportunity to learn in a highly diverse group of ability peers. We encourage them to capitalize on their own strengths as well as those of others, to support others in their areas of weakness, and to learn to ask for and accept help.