• Each multi-grade class consists of no more than 12 students, and is taught by two special education teachers, at least one of whom is also trained in gifted education.
  • We believe in a multisensory approach to learning that respects the dictum that some children need to “move to learn.”
  • Major technological inroads for both group and independent learning offer multiple opportunities for students to become digitally fluent.
  • Our approach to classroom management includes positive behavioral supports, daily report cards, and “collaborative problem solving,” collectively helping students develop self/social awareness and communication skills, and fostering flexibility and mutual respect.

  • Students are encouraged to ask for and take breaks as needed.
  • Knowledge acquisition is measured in ways appropriate to each student, while we support the development of wider expressive skill sets.
  • A lengthy daily recess period lets children be children. In addition, movement breaks are available to individual students as needed throughout the school day.
  • Progress reports are pegged to the Common Core Standards.
  • Art/creative lab, engineering (in our maker space), drama, software engineering, formal logic, music, Spanish, Latin, 3D modeling, entrepreneurship, yoga, karate, personal training, and P.E. courses are offered once to twice weekly.

  • Sensory and fine motor supports are available on a push-in or pullout basis. Our youngest students receive formal handwriting instruction and, by 4th grade, instruction and practice shifts to typing. Ongoing classroom observations and consultation with teachers make classroom time and transitions "just right" sensory experiences that focus on helping students acquire self-regulation and self-advocacy skills. Assistive technology tools appropriate for your child's writing, reading or organizational challenges are available.
  • Speech therapy and counseling are available, if prescribed.
  • The push-in support of school psychologists and speech-language pathologists promotes the development of pro-social skills, and weekly group sessions with each regularly focus on the emotional challenges particular to giftedness and learning differences. Individual counseling is available, if prescribed, as a related service.
  • The school day runs from 8:30 AM until 3:15 PM.
  • Staff meets weekly to review student progress and adjust interventions and objectives. Frequent communication with parents and outside providers is integral to our collaboration model, and we believe it is critical to student growth and success.
  • Friday afternoons focus on student-driven, staff-mentored, Talent Development clusters we call KidWorks and IndieStudies.


The Lang School uses a combination of project-based group learning, fluid math and literacy subgroups, 1:1 tutoring for individualized remediation, and accelerated learning opportunities in areas of advanced knowledge and/or interest. Teachers differentiate both curriculum and instruction, so each student receives an education that fits.

Literacy methodologies include Fountas & Pinnell, Great Leaps Reading, Recipe for Reading, Step Up to Writing, Orton-Gillingham, and Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop (TCRWP). Since many of our otherwise precocious students tend to be resistant writers, the school helps students explore “writing” in a variety of nontraditional ways that build traditional writing skills. Math curricula and methodologies are a hybrid of Singapore Math and math workshop (or math circle).

Our developmentally differentated technology & engineering curricula engage students of all ages in experiencing the importance of math and logic in comprehending and modelling the world we live in.

Science, history, and social studies classes are interdisciplinary. In-class work is supplemented by visiting professionals and fieldtrips.

Each fall and spring, reading and math assessments are administered. We are a PSAT, SAT and AP exam test site.


A SMARTBoard in every classroom enhances group learning, and each child is assigned their own iPad. Our technology/logic class teaches students 1-12 programming skills from the basics of Boolean logic through object-oriented coding.