Being Part of the Lang School Community

In preschool, our son could barely stay in his seat or write his name. He would scribble rather than draw, quarrel with his classmates and, a quote from his OT I'll never forget: "He will take any gross motor activity and inevitably make it unsafe." But he was also a kiddo with a fantastic vocabulary and amazingly high levels of comprehension, sharing insightful concepts and using colorful language to express complex ideas. He started telling me that he hated school, that he didn't want to go anymore. Now, jump ahead to the present. He's been super happy and successful at Lang for the past two years! They accepted this kiddo and his aversion to school, and they turned it into a love for learning. He has made amazing academic progress. He now begs me to go to school, even when he is sick. The teachers are phenomenal.

The curriculum is exciting and engaging and moving at the pace of each student, challenging them in ways that push them to grow. Lang isn't trying to "fix" him. They're helping him be the best person he can be, accepting the person he is. They also engage with us in frequent, open, productive communication that creates a real "team" working to support our son. They're proactive, flexible, knowledgeable, willing to try new things, and full of helpful suggestions for us to use at home to create a level of continuity between home and school. It has been a wonderful experience for us to have been a part of the Lang community these past two years, and we're all looking forward to the next school year!
Parent of a Lang School 2nd grader

An Exceptional School

Dear Micaela,
You really have created an exceptional school and an exceptional program, and I know that (my daughter) would thrive there. I will forever think and speak highly of the Lang School and your terrific staff. Thank you for all your help, patience, passion. Thank you for opening the doors of your school to our daughter.
Parent of a 7th grade applicant

A Deep Smile

I have to tell you that I have not seen a deep smile on( my son’s) face for quite some time.  (He) was so happy to experience a school where he is truly understood. Thank you so much, we are so thrilled to have someplace to send (him) to school where he is understood and happy.
Parent of a Lang School 4th grader

My Thing

"Engineering… that’s my thing."
3rd grader after his second day of engineering class.

Happiest Ever!

"So, how do you feel about the Lang School, from a 1-10?" (Our son’s) response was: " A 10, THIS IS THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN SCHOOL." He has been through so much.  In the past, every morning was a 30-40 min struggle to get him ready for school.  Not anymore, now he gets ready in 10 min & that includes eating breakfast!
Parents of Lang School 3rd grader

Can't Believe It

(The Lang School) is awesome. I can’t believe the government let’s them have a school like that.
Visiting 4th grade applicant

"I'm Ready"

(Our son) said tonite "Lang’s a really good school. I am ready to go for the full day on Monday." He sees now he has support at Lang "so he can just be a kid". (He) mentioned that he needed to stop acting smart or making up answers when he didn’t have an answer for something. He said he realized he was in the habit of always having to have an answer and he really didn’t need to. What a difference a week can make. Thank you for being that week!
Parents of a Lang School 7th grader